Distinguish between architect and architectural technologist

Distinguish between architect and architectural technologist

When you think about constructing a new home for you, the first person who comes into your mind is the architect.

There are so many peoples in the city who are ready to help you in building up your dream home.

Now there is a confusion between two professions that is architect and architectural technologist, and if you want to get an answer to this question you should have to know about the difference between architecture and architectural technology.

In this case, to help you in knowing about these two professions some of that information is given below.


The architect is the person who involves in constructing and designing the new buildings including in and around the space of the building.

These peoples not only help you in building the home, but they also can renovate the old buildings. Architects have higher training through handling a series of projects, so they have good knowledge of building legal things also.


The main function of an architect is they concentrate on technical aspects of the building including the art and science of the construction building.

They are responsible for handling all the functions of the building and also handling legal things involved in building construction.

Architects are professionally baked to guide the engineers with their educational skills and they ensure the safety of the building from the day of building construction.

When it comes to architecture vs architectural technology, both of them are belonging to the same field by their function get differs slightly.

The cost for the architect might little high but it is always better to go with the architect than an architectural technologist. At the same time, if you prefer the architect give more importance to their experience in the field.

Architectural technologist

The architectural technologist who concentrates more on the technical elements of the building that includes building drawings, 3D models, drafting, and much more.

They are the people who have the knowledge to put together a building by making use of certain software so in the building design phase.

When it comes to the architectural technology vs architecture, both of them have their unique things, the technology is used to construct the building with the help of software and look for all the possibilities for new designs.

The architectural technologist cost lesser than the architect.

Final verdicts

If you get to know how they get different from one another you can decide between hiring whether the architect or architectural technologist while constructing your building.


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