Way can you change your bitcoin to the exodus

Way can you change your bitcoin to the exodus

You have got some bitcoins and you are wondering about how to change them or transfer them into your wallet.

To know about them make use of this article and get some ideas on how to transfer them. You can transfer bitcoin from coin base to exodus in an easy way but you have to handle them in the right way so that your amount will be safe.

  • The first stage is you will have to install the exodus which will be safe for you to handle and they will not be fake too.
  • It is not said to be a good idea for you to have your cryptocurrency for a long time. You have to make your coins to be in motion that means you can give them like exchanging. When you make use of the cold wallet you can save your coins of large amounts even for a long period.
  • You first have to log in to your account that you have created you can find the accounts option in the navigation bar.
  • Then you can find the send option where you can send the currency which you are wishing to send.
  • Followed by that you can see the transaction option in which you can enter the count of coins that you wish to save.

Your exodus will contain an address that you have to enter them to the bar where you can have a pop-up option showing whether you agree to them or not. In this way, you can move bitcoins to exodus wallet.


Bottom line

If you are not aware of them then you can get help from the experts whom you think will guide you in the right way.

Know the right method and then handle them until you get trained. Try to grasp knowledge before changing your bitcoins.


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